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All current SSD students can register now for all fall classes. If you registered for Seminar #1 or #2, there is no need to re-register. Purchase your spot for Outdoor Dojo Seminar #3 here by following these steps. Spots are limited. All subsequent classes will be posted here.

  1. If you have not previously registered for a seminar, please fill out the registration form. CLICK HERE
  2. Read, print, sign, and bring your waiver/release form with you to participate. CLICK HERE
  3. Carefully select which class student will participate in. Options are listed below.
  4. Pay fees by using buttons below.

Choose this option for YOUTH: White/Yellow through White/Brown belts 4:10-5:00pm

Choose this option for Yellow through Orange belts. 5:10-6:00pm

Choose this option for Blue & up belts. 6:10-7:00pm

Sands Montessori is an elementary magnet school offering the Montessori teaching method in grades Pre-school through six. It is located in Mt. Washington. Sands Montessori hosts the Sands Enrichment Program (“SEP”) which provides students with unique learning opportunities with emphasis on learning about Montessori principles, language, culture, and critical thinking. Seven Star Dragons is proud to be a part of this program!

7 Star Dragons Karate presents outdoor dojo at North Avondale Recreation Center. Fall classes will conclude with Seminar #4, which will be held on October 27, 2020. Enjoy meeting up with fellow karate friends outside as we sharpen our skills and obtain the tools to prepare for in-person Spring classes at our school dojo (TBA) and or NARC beginning January 6, 2021. Spaces are limited. Be assured we will follow personal protection protocols. Despite Careful attention to sterilization, disinfection, use of social distancing, just as might be for other establishments, it is not possible to be assured there is no risk involved in participation. Although exposure is unlikely, by purchasing your spot you accept the risk and consent to participate in the Outdoor Dojo Seminar.

You can find more information directly at the Sands Montessori website.

You can also find additional information about the SEP (Sands Enrichment Program) at the SMPO (Sands Montessori Parents Organization) website.

Address: 6421 Corbly St, Cincinnati, OH 45230

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