Sands Montessori Dojo

Please visit the Sands Enrichment Program listing at the SMPO (Sands Montessori Parents Organization) website.

Sands Montessori Karate now uses for their SMPO SEP program.

Sands Montessori is an elementary magnet school offering the Montessori teaching method in grades Pre-school through six. It is located in Mt. Washington. Sands Montessori SMPO hosts the Sands Enrichment Program (“SEP”) which provides students with unique learning opportunities with emphasis on learning about Montessori principles, language, culture, and critical thinking. Seven Star Dragons is proud to be a part of this program!

Descriptions below link to Homeroom class information. Enrollment opens on August 28th at 7am.

You can find more information directly at the Sands Montessori website.

Address: 6421 Corbly St, Cincinnati, OH 45230

Sands Montessori Dojo Gallery