Master Davis Becomes Black History Month Honoree

On February 24, 2022, Cincinnati City Hall presented Resolution R/021-2022 to Black History Month Honoree, Master Terrell Davis, for decades of teaching and mentoring the youth of Cincinnati.

“Thank you everyone for your amazing support and Congratulations! Investing in our youth results in phenomenal adults contributing to our community in a productive way! February 24, 2022 was an amazing and honorable moment for myself and Seven Star Dragons Karate. I was presented a Resolution from the city of Cincinnati as a Black History Honoree from Councilwoman Meeka Owens, a Seven Star Dragon alumni, black belt from North Avondale Recreation Center Dojo. I was joined by my first black belt, Michael Hanavan, and several student representatives from our various Cincinnati school Dojos. Many understand the journey is not always easy, however perseverance has its rewards! I can not express my gratitude to each person that has encouraged, welcomed us, sponsored, trained, stood beside me, gifted, and showed up for myself and members of our Karate Family throughout the years and presently. I will continue strive to be a positive Sensei and serve with a character of LOVE!” – Master Davis

Presentation of Resolution R/021-2022
City Hall, Cincinnati, OH, February 24, 2022

Photos courtesy of Kevin Hartnell, City Hall staff, and Cynthia Torrey