PKC Nationals 2018: 9 Take Home Over 30 Awards & 3 Big Dog Grand Champion Awards!

9 Take Home Over 30 Awards At PKC 2018 Nationals!

The nine-member Seven Star Dragons Competition Team took home over 30 awards at the 2018 PKC International Karate Championships (Aug. 31 – Sept. 1)! The team also brought home three Big Dog Grand Champion awards! The tournament had a great turnout with strong competition this year!

Congratulations, Master Davis, to the competition team, and to all of the Seven Star Dragons!

Congratulations to all 7 Star Dragons team members and families that supported our students at the 2018 PKC Nationals in Indianapolis, Indiana this weekend. I am so proud to be the Sensei of so many wonderful students! I am overjoyed with the life progress of my children, the youngest to the oldest! Thanks to all our new and old friends and Instructors that support us and cheer us on! Our team wishes everyone continued success!” – Master Davis

PKC International Karate Tournament Gallery
Indianapolis, IN, Aug. 31- Sept. 1, 2018

Photos courtesy of Bryan Casteel, Master Terrell Davis, Layah Clark, Christina Alfieri, and Kevin Hartnell.