Kick Fest Open Martial Arts Championships 2019!

On Saturday, July 20th, the Seven Star Dragons Karate Competition Team traveled down to Louisville, Kentucky to compete in the 2019 Kick Fest. The 8 members of the team each won beautiful awards and qualified to compete in the International Martial Arts Festival in Orlando, Florida!

“Congratulations, 7 Star Dragons Karate team members, for a great performance at Kick Fest 2019, Louisville, KY. Our students loved their beautiful awards and were extremely excited that they all had qualified to compete at The International Martial Arts Festival in Orlando, Florida. G.M. Khalid Raheem l, your venue was amazing, the music had my families dancing, awards were beautiful, the unique heart-felt national anthem had us feeling special, your family worked tirelessly, as did all the judges and entire support team! Hats off to everyone and Thank you from all of us!” – Master Davis

Kick Fest Gallery
Louisville, KY, July 20, 2019

Photos courtesy of Master Terrell Davis