Region 8 Nationals & Region 7 Awards Ceremony 2019

The Seven Star Dragons Competition Team attended the PKC Region 7 Awards Ceremony/Region 8 Nationals Competition on May 11, 2019 in Dayton, OH. Seven Star Dragons received the honor of PKC Region VII Top School!

Congratulations Students, and Families of 7 Star Dragons that made our PKC Region VII Top School Award Possible! Thank you to every person in our Martial Arts community that has judged, promoted a tournament,shared, encouraged or congratulated us this season! I have loved watching each student grow, have fun and achieve Goals! Hats off to my parents! They supported their children 100% and me! A Special congrats to our 4 Triple Crown Winners; John Watson, Sierra Hix, Daven Gibson, and Kevin Hartnell. These students achieved 1st place rating in Kata, Kumite, and Weapons in 2018 PKC, Region VII competition season. Thank you to our Regional Director, Mr. Robert Starks, Grand Master Roger Haines, and Grand Master Steve Allen for hosting the event at the 30th Anniversary Region 8 Nationals! We enjoyed the tournament and loved our awards!” – Master Davis

Region 8 Nationals/Region 7 Awards Ceremony Gallery
Dayton, OH May 11, 2019

Photos courtesy of Master Terrell Davis