Battle For Atlanta 2019!

The Seven Star Dragons Competition Team traveled to Atlanta, Georgia to compete at The Battle For Atlanta! From June 13-15th, the team competed and won 17 awards!

“Seven Star Dragons won big at their first appearance in a NASKA Karate Competition in several years! Our Victory is dedicated to my sister, Yarnell Quincy, who is a warrior fighting cancer! She made it possible for us to have new tee shirts at the event! A Big THANK YOU! A Special congratulations to Devlin and Sammazah for earning 2 first places and representing their school on the center stage. We enjoyed site-seeing and lots of team bonding activities! Exposing my students to various forms of various circuits and individual expression of the martial arts is part of learning. The experiences were good! We represented traditional martial arts and competed in the traditional divisions. We did our best and had a wonderful time. Thank you to every parent and supporter that encouraged and supported our experience. Grand Master Haines and Team SWAT, we congratulate you all on an amazing performance and thank you for supporting us at the event.” – Master Davis

Battle For Atlanta Gallery
Atlanta, GA June 13-15, 2019

Photos courtesy of Master Terrell Davis