Ultimate Kids Karate Tournament 2018: Over 30 Rings and 4 Grand Champions!

Over 30 Rings and 4 Grand Champions!

The fourteen-member Seven Star Dragons Competition Team won over 30 rings at the 2018 Ultimate Kids Karate Tournament held in Cincinnati! Four members of the team from different age divisions also won Grand Champion titles, and on top of that, the Seven Star Dragons won the Most Supportive School award!

Congratulations Seven Star Dragons Team members for your amazing performance at the Ultimate Kids Tournament in Cincinnati, Ohio. Thank you, Young’s Martial Arts, for hosting a great event! We appreciate the 100% support from our parents and family members of every child competing! Thank you to the Black Belts and volunteers that supported the event and encouraged all the young martial artists! I am so proud to be the Sensei of such a wonderful group of students! Congratulations!” – Master Davis

Ultimate Kids Karate Tournament Gallery
Cincinnati, OH, October 20, 2018

Photos courtesy of Master Terrell Davis and Kevin Hartnell.